Monday, August 18, 2008

Take a trip to the country with Hiccups!

The latest Hiccups collection will be arriving into Australian linen retailers in the next few weeks, so it's an exciting time for us to hear customer's reactions. This season's themes were inspired by my rural upbringing in northern Victoria, Australia. I grew up on a farm outside a tiny town called Colbinabbin (population 120), basically one street with large silos dominating the surrounds. And a general store, school, footy ground and most importantly, a pub....
The new Hiccups printed bed linen design for boys is called 'Field Days' and features a variety of brightly coloured tractors performing various tasks on the farm - sowing, harvesting, ploughing and hay baling. I did have to ask my Dad and brothers quite a few questions to get the design right, as growing up I was more interested in helping mum with cooking, (painting and drawing in my spare time) then learning the ropes of farm work.
All of these photographs were taken at my family's farm which was settled in the 1870's, so there were plenty of vintage machines, odd bits of junk and sheds to choose from, as nothing gets thrown away there. You never know when that piece of rusty wire from 1953 will come in handy!

Field Days bed linen

Bed linen detail

Field Days canvas

Tractor fleece throw and cushion

Gus the sheep dog and Lambert Lamb hanging out on the Pick up sticks rug

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