Monday, May 18, 2009

Autumnal red on the farm

I love the gentle change in season from summer to Autumn - it hasn't happened around here for a while due to the drought. Hopefully things are improving!


  1. I love the changes autumn brings too. I know we're coming into summer here (not that you'd think it), but I always look forward to seeing the autumn colours.

  2. Nice pictures. Is that your house?

  3. Thanks - my poor old Canon Ixus has seen better days after residing in my handbag for a few years - I think it's time for an upgrade...
    This farm house is my grandparents, my parents house is just a paddock away, but I live in Melbourne. I love escaping to the country as much as I can though!

  4. You are so lucky to be able to visit your grandparents home. My grandparents had a beautiful little bunglow in Bombay (India
    ) but sadly they had to sell it to a property development company bacause they could not afford to maintain it.The first picture with the bench reminds me of my childhood and the time I spent with them in their home.

  5. Hope you have some photos of their old place - I love the wide verandas of the old Victorian era farmhouses - I would love to see the Indian version!
    When my grandparents were still alive the garden here was amazing - lots of old rosebushes, dahlias in summer and violets springing up all over the lawn.