Monday, November 2, 2009

Colour amongst the Ironbarks

At the back reaches of my family's farm in country Victoria lies a bush landscape of Ironbark and Grey Box eucalyptus. The recent spring rains have brought out some colourful wildflowers that haven't made an appearance for a few years.

Kangaroo Paws

Not sure of the name of this purple orchid.... but it did have a lovely chocolate scent.

Billy Buttons 

'Silver Princess' Eucalyptus

Everlasting daisy

Grey Box eucalyptus blossom

Cootamundra wattle seed pods

'Kangaroo Tails' in blossom

Black Wattle

A few more majestic 'Kangaroo Tails'

And the dark textured bark of the Ironbark eucalyptus.


  1. Very very lovely!!!!

  2. Anonymous3.11.09

    I love billy buttons - they seem to be making an appearance all over town right now!!!

  3. these are stunning, I love those Kangaroo Tails against the blue sky