Friday, June 25, 2010

Painting nature - Jacqui's botanical art

These beautiful paintings are by one of the newest members of the Linen House design studio - Jacqui Baxter .  Alongside her talent (and speed!) for designing textiles,  Jacqui is also an accomplished botanic artist and part time lecturer at RMIT Textile Design, specifically teaching painting techniques to students.  I look forward to seeing Jacqui's painterly designs featured in the Linen House bed linen collection soon!

I love this Japonica study.

And this delicate rose....

Take a look at Jacqui's inspiring textile and botanical work here:
Thanks Jacqui for sharing your work!


  1. my goodness aren't they amazing? so you have secured another "old school" designer at Linen House, great work, those floral are exquisite..I can just imagine Helen (back in the day) going gaga over Jacqui's work!

  2. WoW! Theses are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Hi Kat - I love her work and its very inspiring to have a floral master in the studio. I haven't really used inks before but I think its time to have a bit of a dabble as it is a lovely technique.
    All of the CAD girls have asked Jacqui to do a one day painting course with them, so its good to know that hand-painted textile design is still hanging in there!

  4. Katherine Ryan26.6.10

    I love the wattle painting. A hard subject matter but treated with care and skill!

  5. Wow - what stunning work. I can see how delicate this style of work will be for bedding. Lovely use of colour too.