Tuesday, July 20, 2010

merci beaucoup

Here are a few snaps of the very beautiful concept store merci in Paris. A stunning collection of handwoven linens from a small manufacturer in Italy were on display throughout the large space, the kind of linen that just begs to be picked up and held. So tactile and lovely. 

Pencils in colour coordinated shades

Eclectic furniture displays - I remember those aluminium fold-out chairs from my childhood.

The return of classic Wedgwood Blue ceramics? Time to visit some op-shops.....

A wonderful shopping experience with a positive attitude towards charitable organisations in India and Madagascar, merci is a must-see in Paris!
merci is located at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris
Metro Saint-Sebastien Froissart


  1. Love your pics at Merci! Can't wait to see Stockholm.

  2. Thanks Chris - how amazing is merci? One day I hope to open my dream shop in Melbourne..... Still have a few more Parisian concept boutiques to feature before I get onto Stockholm here in hiccups blogland!

  3. If you ever open a shop in Melbourne I'd love to give you a helping hand :). Paris, Stockholm and London are my favourite cities so far. Looking forward to your Swedish features now!
    I've not been to Merci but heard a lot about it - I now know what to do with my old wooden chairs - I love that whitewash effect!

  4. Lots of great furniture on display - a nice mixture of new and second-hand finds. I really loved the beautiful ceramics found throughout the space - unfortunately I don't think they would have survived the trip back to Aus in one piece!