Friday, February 11, 2011

Dragon Alert!

'Dragon Alert' is a new print design for boys with other-worldly imaginations!

 Over the seas and far, far away lies a strange and magical land where dragons rule the realm. These friendly dragons will become enchanting playmates. Pictured above is the 'Dragon Alert' quilt cover set and dragon themed accessories.

Dragon Alert pillowcase

Here are a few of the friendly fellows that can be found on the quilt cover design.

And here is the matching sheet set - dragon scales painted in shades of blue, turquoise, emerald and lime.


  1. I LOVE this one!

  2. Thanks Kat - I had to sit through 'How to train your Dragon' in my research for this one!

  3. Hi Nat. Funny - I've been painting dragons too these past few days for the Year of the Dragon in 2013. I can see where you got one dragon from - I used the same reference! Cxx

  4. Good one Chris. I think I used a Pepin Press dragon book. There is a reference book for every subject these days! You are super organised to be painting for 2013. I'm still trying to get Summer 2011 finished in time....

  5. Oops - it's actually next year 2012. I am not that organised, really. Love your floral design for VD by the way - gorgeous.

  6. Hi! I'm wondering where you got the bedding from? Thanks!

  7. Hi Bonnie, this design is available from a few Australian and overseas retailers, but I'm not sure how different the bedding sizes are from the US sizing. As a rough guide, Australian single bed quilt cover sizes are 210cm x 140cm, and double bed size is 210cm by 180cm.
    Here are a few links to online retailers selling Hiccups Dragon Alert:

    Thanks for your interest!
    Best wishes,