Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inky goodness

I haven't tended to use a lot of inks in my previous textile design work as I always found it a little tricky to keep the colours separate for screen engraving. Digital printing has put an end to such considerations, so here are a few favourite inky, blotchy, colour packed fabrics!

The beautiful floral designs from Scottish company Bluebellgray have made a big splash since their launch into the marketplace in 2009. Each design is hand painted by Fi Douglas in the Bluebellgray Studio, and then printed onto cotton and linen fabrics using state of the art technology, ensuring that each brushstroke is accurately defined.

Fold Unfold is a digitally printed table cloth by designer Margrethe Odgaard. 
Margrethe has highlighted the folds a tablecloth may have after being stored in a cupboard.

A fabulous painterly scarf from the pattern mecca - Anthropologie.

And an eye-catching 1920's style painterly floral chair.

This digitally printed floral scarf is from Liberty's Autumn Winter 11/12 collection.
The Silver Carnation Berry Garden scarf features carnations in magical colours on a silver silk ground.

And my favourite design from the Liberty collection - a beautiful botanical print in tones of blue set against a black background.


  1. Natalie, je vous souhaite la bienvenue sur ma page "la vie est belle", je suis heureuse de vous connaître et touchée que vous appréciez ma "version" de la beauté.

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  4. wow great desingn.I love it!

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