Monday, January 9, 2012

Designing for Christmas 2012

The silly season might be over but it's time to get cracking on some new Christmas designs for my agent. Hopefully the red ink staining my fingers will be gone in a few days - not the best look!


  1. these look gorgeous :)

  2. Thank you - red ink has to be one of the messiest art materials to work with though!

  3. Hi Natalie! I hope you don't mind me asking, but I was wondering what you've painted these designs it the Art Spectrum inks as per the photo? I like how they have a hand-drawn feel to them, but with a 'flat' finish (not as washy as the watercolours I tend to use). Very cute designs!! Lucy x

  4. Hi Lucy,
    I haven't had much experience using inks before but I really enjoyed trying them out! I bought both Winsor and Newton and Art Spectrum in a few colours. The two brands mix together very nicely, but the Art Spectrum is much better value for money - 50ml for the same price as 14ml W & N at Eckersley's. I miss using the Linen House account at the Art Shop, it's an expensive business!
    Cheerio, Nat

  5. Hi Natalie,
    Thanks for the info, I don't tend to use inks much myself, but they always seem to give such a lovely result when I see other people working with them. Yes that's the downside of freelancing - no business art account, he he!