Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer wattle

A gouache textile design of a late summer wattle spotted on my travels in Northern Victoria.


  1. I'm loving these floral series you are sharing Natalie, always such a beautiful composition and flow of leaves and flowers. And wattle is a particular favourite of mine. Are these for teatowels? or bedlinen? or cards?They would look lovely on so many things.
    Hope you are enjoying country life and have settled in to your new home and studio space. I'll always be envious as I hope one day too I can leave the city behind.

  2. Hi Allison - I'm kind of thinking tea towel designs at the moment, but I'm hoping to build up a collection of ten or so designs featuring Australian natives as they come into season - I have been told that anything with a waratah on it sells, so will keep on with this project until I can find one! I think they flower around September....
    I'm enjoying country life so far but haven't been around all that much due to a run of March weddings. I really enjoy not having to pay crazy Melbourne rent, especially when just starting a new design business. Less stress is good!