Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dinosaurs in Brisbane

Thank you to the lovely Katanya, (a textile designer friend who has just moved to Brisbane) for her post on her sons' bedroom, with the Hiccups dinosaur bed linen design. Check out her new blog here.Thanks Kat!


  1. oh we're famous :) seriously I am hoping the boys grow out of the dinosaur stage and I can get a coordinates of the your new ranges, I think they'd e all over the speedsters, but I am in love with the farm range..it's so colbo!

  2. Oh yes, hope you recognized Mum and Dad's farm in the photography! Most of the design images came from there so it is a very colbo design. I am glad you like it. And thanks for the great photos!

  3. I certainly did! I love that yu revamped the farms old tractor for the shoot..