Monday, December 8, 2008

Nice things

Today I am posting a few pictures of things that are nice, because this morning my car decided to call it quits which is definitely not nice on a Monday (but you could say nicely expensive to deal with).

The latest issue of Milk Magazine - inspiring and chic as always.

The latest release from Francoiz Breut - calming and mysterious.

The new edition of Frankie magazine with lovely gift wrap designs by four talented Australian artists - Mel Stringer, Catherine Campbell, Beci Orpin and Jodee Knowles.

A colouring book from the elegant Miss Clara.

And finally, the wonderful new print from the talented designers at Studio Violet, now adorning my study. Perhaps it was the trip to Ikea for this frame on the weekend that gave my car grief?

1 comment:

  1. oh all lovely inspirations, I love that Miss Cara colouring book! how gorgeous, I think that would be great to play with..Is it wonderful Bec Orphin is doing so well, I've read a few articles about her in the last few years, RMIt produced some very talented people :)