Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chris Chun and Chinoiserie

These beautiful paintings are by the very talented artist and designer Chris Chun and are part of his latest exhibition titled 'Chinoiserie'. The exhibition opens on Tuesday the 21st of April at The Washhouse Gallery in Rozelle, NSW, and will run until the 10th of May.

'Kyoto Blossom'

'Origami Butterfly'


'Pool of Longevity'

Chris's paintings are inspired by his recent travels to Asia, and reflect an inherent joy and harmony through the combination of vibrantly coloured washes, collages of Japanese origami papers and stamped patterns.
If you sense a love of pattern and textiles within these works, that would be from Chris's background as a textile designer - I was lucky enough to have him as a mentor at my first design job in Sydney, and am very grateful for all of his tips and tricks in the world of hand painted textile design! 
Chris has been painting full-time since 2004, but also manages to combine his love of painting with design work - I regularly see products in the stores with Chris's distinctive handwriting, including some great cards I bought just last week. Visit Chris's website at chrischun.com for more information about his paintings and designs, and check out his brand new blog here.


  1. these are stunning, thanks for the links, i am going to take a look now.

  2. Thanks for visiting Rachael - I think these works are pretty lovely too!

  3. oh I love these wish I was close enough to take a look