Thursday, August 13, 2009

Horsing Around

Here is our new Hiccups print design for girls - 'Horsing Around'. Our horses are enjoying a beautiful day, sharing fresh green paddocks with sheep and little rabbits. Some horses are cantering along, or trotting over to say hello! A mare introduces her little foal to the rest of the group. Who will feed them crunchy red apples for a treat?

We photographed this collection at a stable on the Mornington Peninsula - a beautiful place!

'Apple Orchard' coverlet and Nigs the camera loving horse.

A very sweet tempered Shetland Pony showing off our 'Galloping' applique throw.

'An apple a day' velvet applique cushion, 'Apple' novelty cushion.


  1. Looks beautiful. What a lovely spot to photograph!
    I love the blanket on the pony.
    You should come down and visit again soon!!

  2. Oh I think most young girls would kill for a horse doona (especially a stylish Hiccups one ) I am rather in love with the apples myself!

  3. cute! love the colors.

  4. What a lovely new collection - love the campaign imagery, too! xx