Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bright and brilliant bedrooms

Marie Claire Maison magazine never disappoints - here are some inspiring and colourful children's bedrooms from the Marie Claire Maison website.

Hot pink and red from the owners of the Parisian brand Petit Pan.

Bunker down.

Timeless Marimekko designs in a light filled setting.
Vintage touches and dreamy blue walls.
Another children's room from the creators of Petit Pan.

A magical hideaway.

An efficient use of space!

Polka dot paradise.

Vintage florals and toiles.

And a perfect fairytale bed.


  1. Love the bed in the cupboard! Might have to blog about that :). They're all great - but the one that's most me is the vintage bedroom.

  2. Anonymous15.10.09

    It is very cute - I'm sure kids would just love their own little hideaway.