Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Ballroom at Flinders St Station

High up above the hustle and bustle of Melbourne's busy Flinders Street train station lies the now sadly rather dishevelled looking Ballroom, a once glamourous setting for many dances. Recently the Linen House stylists photographed a few of the new Winter 2010 bed linen designs in this wonderful location, and I popped along with my camera for a little peek inside this hidden piece of Melbourne's history.

Pressed tin vaulted ceilings with original light fittings.


  1. Oh wow - what a gorgeous place! It's such a shame they have let it deteriorate and it's no longer in use. It looks 'very Melbourne' and surely someone could make good use of the space. Lucky you for getting to have a look around!

  2. I agree Lucy! It is such a beautiful room, and a fantastic location, but unfortunately it looks a little too far gone. Hopefully someone (with plenty of cash) will bring it back to life - and soon!

  3. Just popped in to say Merry Christmas - have a wonderful time whatever you do :)

  4. What beauty there is in this old ballroom with it's vintage detailing and character!! It sure would be nice if someone could bring this beauty back to it's grand state!

    :) T

  5. Oh. To imagine the dances the kisses the dramas. Nostalgia.

  6. Brandon Tran30.10.10

    hey there
    i know this is late compared to other comments
    but i was just wondering how you guys managed to get inside the ballroom
    are u able to give any information like mesurements?
    if so, that would be much appreciated as i am doing a project for my pre-selection kit for RMIT.

  7. Hi Brandon
    We arranged the shoot with Connex (before they lost their contract) who are based in the offices next to the Ballroom. I would suggest contacting Metro Trains to arrange a visit - it is well worth it, as it is such a beautiful space. Good luck with your project!