Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A family of Mopoke owls

In recent days a family of five native Australian Mopoke (or Southern Boobook) owls have made their home in my family's country garden. Late in the afternoon they become active, although this poor fellow was struggling to keep his eyes open at 7.30pm. Perhaps having several cameras photographing your every move and a bunch of inquisitive kids staring isn't the most restful way to spend an evening!

Trying so very hard to stay awake....

A captive audience

After sunset - a wide-awake Mopoke, ready to catch some dinner.
On the subject of owls - take a look at this wonderful blog jam-packed with owl art and design loveliness!


  1. So glad I just came across your blog. How amazing to have those owls in your garden. Happy New Year, Catherine x

  2. You're very lucky we don't have that kind of beautiful birds in Paris :) Thanks for the link. Happy new year Lily

  3. Thanks so much for both dropping in. Those owls have achieved celebrity status now!