Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beautiful Balloons

Hot off the press (the fabric printing version) is our new Hiccups printed bed linen design for girls - 'Beautiful Balloons'

Did you know?
The very first hot air balloon flight took place in the French countryside near Versailles in 1783 and its first passengers were a lamb, a hen and a duck?

Hot air balloons gently drifting in the morning breeze are a beautiful sight to behold. This design from Hiccups features an array of colourful and delicately patterned balloons floating above a serene rural landscape.

'Beautiful Balloons' wall-stickers and accessories.


  1. oh wow Nat this ones a fabulous design, so bright and happy..I love it..wheres the bugs though :)

  2. Coming soon! Next week I will be putting up all of the new designs. I'm glad you liked it!