Monday, March 8, 2010

The Story Blanket

The Story Blanket is a lovely little folksy tale about the caring and generous Babba Zarrah who owns a colourful woollen blanket which the children of her village love to sit on to listen to her stories. When she realises that her neighbours need new clothes to keep them warm during the deep winter, Babba Zarrah unravels her story blanket in secret to knit them the items they need, such as a scarf for the postman and a warm blanket for baby Olga.
When the villagers discover Babba Zarrah's secret, they decide give her a heart-warming surprise in return.

Elena Odriozola's illustrations are beautifully composed and delicately painted in a soft watercolour technique. I will definitely checking out more of her published children's book illustrations!

The Story Blanket is written by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz, and illustrated by Elena Odriozola.  My paperback version was published by Andersen Press in 2009.

You can also visit Ferida's Backyard , a blog written by Ferida Wolff about her observations of nature around her neighbourhood - a lovely read.

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  1. a bit of Lisbeth Zwerger for the colours. Beautiful!