Monday, September 27, 2010

A precocious peacock

 This morning I headed off to the beautiful artist's colony Montsalvat with a couple of the girls from the Linen House design studio to scout out a photography location. 
Montsalvat was built in the late 1930's in a mixture of architectural styles including French Provincial and Medieval English by the artist Justus Jorgensen, and is located in leafy Eltham in Melbourne's north eastern suburbs.
 In direct competition to all of the beautiful architecture on display at Montsalvat was this rather dandy fellow who was quite happy to put on a performance for anyone with a camera.

 Here he is again, having not yet spotted his two paramours pecking at the grass just a few metres away.

 There they are, and the mating courtship extravaganza begins!

 Shake your tail-feather!

 C'mon ladies!

 The disappearing act...
 The chase continues.....
 A tight squeeze
No luck today......

1 comment:

  1. You could always combine a bit of peacock watching at Montsalvat with a lovely long lunch at Heide. Good excuse I reckon!