Thursday, September 9, 2010

A project with RMIT Textile Design students

Each year Linen House runs an industry project with the second year Textile Design students at RMIT.
This year we decided to do something a little different and gave the students a children's bed linen design brief, with the final design to be hand-painted. (Nice to see that computers haven't totally taken over the design world just yet!) 
The students had the choice of two themes to work with - 'Tell me a Story' and 'Kinder Haus'. After lots of market research - both on the web and in retail, as well as a visit to the Linen House Design Studio and showroom, the students had to come up with an original children's printed bed linen design complete with co-ordinating cushions and wall stickers.
Yesterday I viewed the finished results, and it was fantastic to see so many great concepts, beautiful drawing and painting skills, and fresh colour palettes.

And now its time to choose a winning design..... a tough decision!
The winners will be announced on Monday.


  1. ooh how exciting, why dont you do a web poll I'll help you out :) I'll bet some late nights went into those..sigh takes me back!

  2. Oh yes, it took me back too! There were a few late entries - reminded me of Alan's artwork left on car roof story, such a classic....

  3. Looks like there's some great stuff there from RMIT!!! Do you remember when you won the Sheridan Design Project all those years ago????

  4. Oh yes - thanks to your marking Chris! I remember your very kind comments and was very surprised to be considered. I can recall submitting a particularly horrendous floral design....

  5. I wish my year did our second year project with Linen House. If I remember correctly we designed a print for a car seat with Britax. Mine was AWFUL!!! Thanks for reminding me ;)

  6. A car seat cover - good one Patrick! I have vague memories of a sock design project....
    I really enjoyed the whole project - although being quite shy it was a little out of my comfort zone, and a really hard decision to choose the winners. It took me two days to make up my mind!