Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Amazing Amazon

'Amazing Amazon' is a new bed linen design for kids for the 'Hiccups' brand. I created this textile design using a monoprint outline technique, coloured in with gouache. I thoroughly enjoyed researching about the wonderful inhabitants who reside in the Amazon rain forest, and I hope many young explorers and adventurers will too!


  1. Anonymous25.7.11

    You are Extradordinarily Talented Nat, its a Joy to see, thanks for sharing :) Megs xo

  2. Anonymous25.7.11

    PS My humble blog is called pinkflowerbuttons - enjoy xx

  3. Anonymous25.7.11

    PPS Where can I buy your prints? Are these sold at Target or Myer etc? Once when I was visiting Rachel she showed me your work on Chelsea's sheets blowing gracefully in the wind on her old fashioned clothes line :) PS by the way I write I think I'll be writing a book oneday :)

  4. Yes Megan - very Bronte sisters! Hiccups designs can be found at Myer and most linen retailers.
    Rachel has been a major supporter of Hiccups - her Mum recently bought a couple of farm designs for Rachel's boys.
    I am checking out your humble blog now!