Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Days

The last few months have been a bit daunting to say the least, but in the last few days I have seen a little turn-around for the better and coming home to find my work featured on one of my favourite blogs in the universe planted a very large smile on my face! The print & pattern blog by London based designer Bowie Style (marie) has been my first blog check each day for many years, in fact I think it was probably the first blog I came across. Marie does such a fantastic job profiling trends, showcasing new (and in my case, a little bit not-so-new!) talent in the surface pattern design fields, and her what's-now-in-store snaps are a fantastic resource for designers in far-flung places! Thank you Bowie Style!


  1. Anonymous12.8.11

    Print and pattern is my favourite blog too!

  2. This is great Natalie! Hope this sends lots of new clients your way ... including some of those childrens book publishers :)

  3. Thanks Allison - fingers crossed with the children's book publishers! One day I will get around to finishing my portfolio....