Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rock and Roll Florals (and birds)

The latest collection of Liberty Art Fabrics contains a stunning array of designs that are going to have to find their way to my fabric stash pretty soon! The AW2011 collection is titled Liberty Rocks, and was created by the in-house design team using renowned musicians and artists working in the music industry as their inspiration.

The Stefan design was discovered hidden away in the vast Liberty archives, now up-dated in four glamourous colourways.

Eleanabella is a representation of the digital artwork used on album covers of the 2000's.

I think this is my favourite design from the new collection. Selected by Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine fame, Dancing Ladies is a wonderful design in a style that was popular in the 20's and 30's.

Another design selected by Florence Welch is the very romantic Grace, a vintage hand drawn lace print from the 19th century.

Velvet Love Leaf was created by the Liberty designers to represent the 1980's.

And one for the bird fanciers out there - Ornithology was created using drawings from the sketchbook of Scottish musician Edwyn Collins. Collins drew a bird a day as part of his rehabilitation process after suffering a severe cerebral haemorrhage in 2005.

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