Saturday, October 8, 2011

Purple Rain

I have spent the last week on my parents farm with very little internet access. (I think my mum used up her internet quota on during the school holidays - she calls it 'Old People's Facebook') 
I really enjoyed painting designs without my usual procrastinating blog-reading work ethic, so fingers crossed this will carry on now I am back in my home studio. Hmmmm.
Today I visited the Williamstown Botanical Gardens where purple blooms reigned supreme.


  1. Stunning pictures Nat! Love your macro work LOL. I think I am going to have to have a blog free week but not sure when as I've just signed up to do Holly's Decor8blog blogging your way course.

  2. Good luck with the blogging course - I did it last year and found it really helpful, especially the photography tips!

  3. Fantastic pix! You did a great job Natalie, capturing the light and the shapes, very inspirational!