Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wildflowers of the Box-Ironbark forest

My local Box-Ironbark forest (encompassing Gobarup and Whroo) is in full springtime bloom after many years of drought. Here are a few photographs of the floral specimens I spotted on the weekend - the vast majority of these plants have not flowered in the last decade - happy times!

Chocolate Lily Dichopogan strictus

Fringe Myrtle, Slender Rice-flower, and Eutaxia (colloquially known as Egg and Bacon)

Egg and Bacon

Fringe Myrtle Calytrix tetragona

Fringe Myrtle, Guinea-flower and Eutaxia

 A kangaroo track carved through the wildflowers

Silky Tea-tree

This landscape reminds me a little of Monet's famous painting 'Red poppies at Argenteuil'

 Milkmaids Burchardia umbellata

Golden Pennants Loudonia behrii

Violet Honey Myrtle Melaleuca wilsonii
This one is going into Mum and Dad's garden underneath the Silver Princess Gum.... I love that intense colour.

Nodding Blue Lily Stypandra glauca

Clustered Everlasting Helichrysum semipapposum

And on a similar vein - Grey Everlasting Helichrysum obcordatum

Billy Button Craspedia globosa

Common Everlasting Helichrysum apiculatum

Fairy wax-flower Eriostemon verrucosus

'Finger Flower' Cheiranthera linearis

Wax Flower

 Everlasting Daisies amongst the Ironbark, Whroo Forest, Rushworth

Spring has definitely sprung in the bush!
Flower names from Flowers and Plants of Victoria, Published by A.H and A.W. Reed, Sydney 1968


  1. Oh such loveliness! Makes me want to live in some hut in the forest rather than the burbs -only I'd really miss my internet connection. Thanks for the little slice of country beauty...

  2. Thanks Allison. I love getting out of Melbourne every now and then, and the rubbish internet connections definitely contribute to a better work ethic!