Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Journey on a Cloud

I picked up 'Journey on a Cloud', a Children's Book Inspired by Marc Chagall, written by Veronique Massenot and illustrated by Elise Mansot at the National Gallery of Victoria bookshop recently, and I think this title definitely makes it into my all-time favourite children's picture book list.

One of Marc Chagall's most enduring and mysterious paintings Bride and Groom with Eiffel Tower forms the backbone of this beautifully crafted children's book. 

Zephyr is a day-dreaming mailman from a small village of blue houses and hills. One day he embarks on a fantastic aerial journey aboard a cloud, taking him on an adventure exploring distant and colourful lands.

Journey on a Cloud (Voyage sur un nuage) was first published in French by L'Elan Vert in 2008. The English edition was published by Prestel Verlag in 2011. The English edition is available on Amazon UK, and in Australia at Fishpond Books.

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