Monday, February 20, 2012

New Digs

I have been out of action for a few weeks due to a very big (and time - consuming) move to the country, north of Melbourne. Here are a few shots (in between the thunder storms) of my new residence / design studio. I can't wait to get creative again!


  1. ooohhh - where have you moved to?.... I'm just interested as we're also planning a move to the country! We're looking at heading off north too (most likely to Kyneton). Let me know if you're in this area! Hope the move went well :)

    1. Hi Lucy - Kyneton sounds like the place to be for textile designers! I have heard of at least 3 others who are planning a tree change there. I love the beautiful florist shop on Piper Street. And the antique shops.
      I have moved into my great grandparent's farm house near the tiny township of Colbinabbin, about 40 minutes from Bendigo and an hour and a half from Melbourne. Bendigo has two art shops, so hopefully I will have all bases covered! I am definitely a fan of the spacious rooms and the garden, both of which I sadly lacked in Melbourne.

    2. Wow - an old farmhouse, it sounds lovely! I need to get to know Bendigo as I haven't really explored the area before. However if we move it will probably be easier to shop here than head to Melbourne all the time. I know I'll really miss Melbourne and access to the city if we move, but like you we'd love more space and a garden. Interesting about other designers moving there too - it will be great to get to know and have creative people in the same area. Yay! Hope the unpacking goes well and look forward to seeing some more pics of your new home x

  2. Love the new studio - looks like you have loads of natural light which we all need.

  3. Thanks Lucy - I have enjoyed it so far, especially the Jelly Slice delivery that arrived this morning from an Auntie. That certainly didn't happen in Melbourne...
    It made sense for me to make the move while my freelance business is in development, and it feels like a fresh new start. And Eckersley's art now have an online store. Perfect timing.
    Any of the towns around the goldfields would make a great place to tree-change to, I'm sure you will love it!
    And thanks Chris - a coat of white paint made a huge difference to the room, it is so bright in here that last night whilst painting a barn owl flew into the window! Yikes.