Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heal's Fabric Design

Over on the always inspiring Heal's Reveals blog you can find a little give-away of the newly released V&A Pattern Book 'Heal's', which I blogged about here a wee while ago. 
One of the designs featured in the book has recently been re-worked by Heal's into a new bed linen collection. The vividly coloured 'Indian Summer' pattern was designed by Jyoti Bhomik for Heal's in 1966, and has now been re-worked with intricate embroidery on a fresh white cotton ground. I love the eye-catching colour combination of turquoise, lime, orange and hot pink.

This is the original fabric design for Heal's by Jyoti Bhomik, spotted on the wonderful design blog Fabulous Vintage.

Pictured above are the updated versions of Jyoti Bhomik's design for Heal's, re-coloured for a contemporary audience. 

And here is the retro inspired bed linen design embroidered onto crisp white cotton.


  1. Anonymous12.4.12

    wow, that pattern really caught my eye this morning, just gorgeous...& I entered the giveaway, yay!

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