Friday, February 26, 2010

Counting Birds

I bought this great book at the NGV bookshop during the week - 'Counting Birds' by Edinburgh based illustrator Alice Melvin . 
Count the birds from one to twenty and watch what they get up to from sunrise to night time, from the cockerel's first crow,  to the rooks flying home to roost for the night.

'Counting Birds' is published by Tate Publishing 2009. Take a look at the Tate website for similar beautifully designed books and products for children by artists including Sara Fanelli, Rob Ryan and Orla Kiely.


  1. I love Alice's work, in fact I will be selling some of it soon. One of my all times faves, and I always manage to find nice things at the Tate. The Art timeline's great :)

  2. Thanks Deborah - I will check the Art timeline out! I can spend hours in the NGV Art shop - possibly double the time of actually viewing the exhibits. Sad but true....