Friday, February 19, 2010

Saturated colours : children's interiors photographed by Anitta Behrendt

A gorgeous collection of colourful and inspiring children's bedroom decor ideas can be found via the talented Swedish photographer Anitta Behrendt 's website.

I love the turquoise / harvest yellow / ultramarine colour palette and hexagon patchwork design featured on this bed storage drawer.

And I especially love this cheery yellow wardrobe!

Vintage patterns galore and another bright splash of yellow.

I love the vintage wallpaper details...

Take a look at Anitta's lovely portfolio here .


  1. Now that's what I call colourful! Just look at the first photo, amazing! Thanks for showing this photographer's work, very inspiring indeed.
    Enjoy your weekend too - we've have rain for a whole week , gettin' cabin fever :)

  2. Natalie22.2.10

    All of these pictures are so inspiring! Thank you for always sharing such wonderful photos! xo