Monday, February 8, 2010

Machines at Work

It's a busy day on the Hiccups construction site. There are trucks transporting building materials, sand and concrete. There are excavators digging, backhoe loaders dumping soil, bulldozers pushing piles of rocks and compactors pressing down loose soil with their heavy wheels. Watch out for the forklift driver, and don't forget your safety vest!

'Machines at Work' is the latest printed bed linen design from Hiccups. Designing the Hiccups collection has broadened my (previously non-existent) knowledge of the world of road work machines, diggers, tractors and trucks - there is nothing like tucking into a 200 page history of Heavy Machinery for a bit of light reading!


  1. haha love the "broadening your horizons" regarding heavy machinary did a great job as always..this ones likely to be a great seller..I love the coordinate with this one, it definitely bridges the gap between what little boys love and what appeals to their mothers ..

  2. I hope little boys will love it - and I especially hope that I got the technical details right! Boys can get rather obsessed about the little details....